Recycle and raise vital funds for the hospice

Thousands of pounds can be raised each year for St Elizabeth Hospice by companies like yours supporting one or more of our recycling projects and, best of all, it’s free and easy to do!

Whatever you’re recycling, we will organise everything for you including delivery of the boxes and buckets, collections and assist with the publicity to raise awareness of your support of the hospice.

What can be recycled?

Ink cartridges and toners
  • Of the 65 million inkjet cartridges sold in the UK each year, only 15% are recycled
  • 50 million are sent to landfill instead and yet just 50 recycled inkjet cartridges could cover the cost of one hour of nursing care here at St Elizabeth Hospice
  • By recycling your used cartridges for us, you will be fulfilling your company’s environmental objectives by reducing the landfill burden and crucially, you’ll be helping local people affected by life-limiting illness
Mobile phones 
  • 15 million phones and smart phone are upgraded in the UK each year
  • With the constant turnover of new designs and new deals for individuals and companies we’re sure everyone has at least one they don’t use which could be worth anything from £1 to £100!
  • We clean and refurbish them and then sell them to help fund vital care
Foreign and old coins 
  • Did you know that Britain alone hordes foreign coins worth more than £30 million every year and these coins have no real value to their owners?
  • The vast majority of people need no persuading to donate them, especially after an overseas holiday, and they represent an amazing amount of wealth once ‘sold’ for the hospice
  • Each stamp (1st class, 2nd class, rare or foreign) has a very small value
  • However, in large quantities they're still valuable as they can be worth up to £20 per kilo of sorted stamps

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