Christmas Appeal

Don’t let death kill life this Christmas – help local hospice patients live every day to the fullest.

As we approach Christmas one of the busiest – and most challenging – times of our year. No time is more important for families to be together. Often, making it to Christmas is a vital goal for those we care for. For some, the achievement will be getting home to have a last Christmas dinner – we’ll always try to get a patient home if possible. But for others their goal will simply be waking up on Christmas morning, being with the family one more time, perhaps having a present ready for a grandchild. Because not letting death kill life isn’t always about the extraordinary. When you’re dying, the simplest moments can become the most precious of all. 

One of our patients. John is 91 and has severe, complex health problems that almost killed him last year. But, thanks to a combination of the right medical care, emotional support and sheer determination from John, he regained his strength. This summer he abseiled 120ft down the side of Ipswich Hospital – raising money for our hospice – dressed as Spiderman!

John said” the hospice care I received gave me back the health I needed to complete my extraordinary achievement. While I have my health, I want to do things, I want to keep going. There’s really no point curling up in a corner. I think if you decide to stop, you’re finished. The nurses at St Elizabeth understand how I feel and they have looked after me so wonderfully.”

‘I’d like to be at home when my time comes if I can and they’ve said they’ll come out and help me to stay here. But, if it just becomes too much they’ve said I may be able to go to the hospice and be looked after there. It’s a big weight off my mind knowing I won’t have to worry when the time comes. And I know they’ll be there to support my wife, Jean, as well.’

Please give your support to St Elizabeth this Christmas. Your donation will pay for vital hospice nursing care for someone in your community – and your words will help our whole community to stand up and say, “We won’t let death kill life.”

Thank you

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£23.50 would pay for one hour of nursing care for someone on our In-Patient Unit – that could be the hour they welcome their family into their room and exchange presents.

£78.56 would cover the cost of a Community Nursing visit to a patient at home, helping them to feel well enough to achieve an important personal goal in their last days.

We appreciate your support whatever donation you are able to give.


Will you share with us your most important life ambition – we will display these around the Hospice to inspire our staff, patients and volunteers.

Gift Aid

While we're updating our records we would like to ensure we have an up-to-date gift aid statement. By gift aiding your donations you can boost your donations by 25p for every £1 you donate at no extra cost to you.

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