Shop Hop Cycle 100 – FAQs

Applications close on Wednesday 8 May at 23:59

Sadly all riders need to be pre-registered for this event.

Yes. Anyone can add themselves to a pre-registered team by searching the team name.

We have first aiders out on the route.

Please call the contact number that will be provided. If you have an accident or feel unwell, or witness an accident or rider experiencing medical difficulties, simply call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll direct a first-aider.

In the event of further medical assistance being needed, riders will be taken to the nearest available A&E department, as appropriate.

Riders requiring regular medication should bring their medicines with them. If you have any doubts about your fitness or ability to complete the ride, please seek medical advice in advance.

The registration fee is per person only.

Just call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll either direct a mobile mechanic to where you are or a pick up vehicle to relay you and your bike to the finish.

Most problems with brakes, tyres, pedals and chains can be dealt with at the roadside. The service is free but a charge may be made for any replacement parts needed.

To deal with simple punctures, we advise that all riders bring along a puncture repair kit and pump.

On successful purchase of a place on a ride, riders receive a confirmation email from Enthuse, who take payments on our behalf. The email from Enthuse will contain a unique digit transaction code which should be quoted on any enquiries.

Riders who unable to complete the ride, for whatever reason, can call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll direct a pick up vehicle to relay you and your bike to either the start or finish, as appropriate.

There a minimum amount of sponsorship of £125 and all funds raised are gratefully received by St Elizabeth Hospice. Please make sure that funds raised are returned to St Elizabeth Hospice, with cheques made out to St Elizabeth Hospice.

Yes you must wear a helmet on this event. While there is discussion about the use of cycle helmets and the wearing of helmets is not mandatory in law, it is a condition of entry for cycle rides run with British Cycling, that riders wear one.

This is a St Elizabeth Hospice event and all sponsorship must go to St Elizabeth Hospice.

No, this is a non-transferable and non-refundable event.

GPX maps of the routes are available for download after successfully registering on each individual ride. There will also be a printed route map - showing rest stop locations and support service contact details - available on the day of the ride.

We do not allow the carriage of small children using child seats or on 'tag-along' type trailer bikes.

This is due partly to safety considerations: the possible dangers posed by vehicular traffic (our rides always taking place on open roads) or by other participant cyclists (the possibility of collisions between riders being increased the more riders there are in a given space).

In addition, weather conditions on the day may be unsuitable for the carriage of a small child for extended periods.

No. The carriage of, or accompaniment by, dogs or any other animal is NOT ALLOWED on any ride.

No, this event is non-transferable and non-refundable. 

You will have created your personalised online giving page on Enthuse by registering for the event. A link will be emailed to you if you want to personalise your page further. You can then share your page with your friends and family by emailing the link to your page, or sharing on social media.

Yes. Once you've registered for the ride you will receive the route.

Riders should not rely exclusively on GPX maps on the day and must pay attention to the road, to directional and cautionary signage displayed along the route, and to advice from ride marshals.

Our rides are non-competitive mass-participation events, with a fundraising, charitable purpose. Riders of widely varying ages and abilities take part - from the occasional, sometimes inexperienced, through to the regular, proficient club-cyclist. They are not triathlons, neither are they timed events. For this reason, riders are NOT PERMITTED to use bikes fitted with tri-bars or otherwise adapted for specialised use.

Yes, you can, although we don't provide any e-bike specific facilities. Please note that there won't be anywhere to charge batteries at the start, finish or enroute. You are responsible for knowing the range of your battery and we suggest you may wish to bring a spare battery.

Arrive at the starting location at St Elizabeth Hospice. Please bring with you your QR code ticket that was emailed to you. This can be printed, on your device or in Apple/Google Wallet. Please make sure your bike is in good working order before starting.

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