Family Support and counselling

Family support is available to any person, their family, friends or carers who have been referred to the Hospice. Coping with illness, loss and change is not easy for anyone. We can help patients and families with the practical and emotional aspects of coping and living with a life-limiting illness. 

A range of services can be accessed through our Family Support Team such as music therapy, art therapy, complementary therapy, spiritual care, emotional support and bereavement support.

Our highly-trained team can:

  • Liaise with health, social care and voluntary organisations in the community
  • Support both patients and families with their emotional, spiritual and social needs
  • Give information and advice regarding welfare benefits and legal matters
  • Support patients and families with making private arrangements for home care or nursing care
  • Help with social care around planning for discharge from the Hospice
  • Offer counselling
  • Offer a place at a support group

We work with families as a group to:

  • Enable couples and families to talk about what they are facing and gain support from one another
  • Help families to make important decisions
  • Prepare children, in partnership with their parents, for loss or support with their bereavement
  • Negotiate and liaise with teachers and employers

Art and Music therapies

We work creatively with patients and families through the mediums of art and music.

Spiritual care

The Hospice understands that everyone has a different background, experiences and beliefs.

This is reflected in our Chaplaincy Team.

Spiritual - including religious care -  is available to all our patients -  whether in Day Care, our Inpatient Units,  or at home –  and to their families, friends and Hospice supporters.

We recognise that at the most significant times in our lives, we may find security and peace in what is familiar to us. Others may shift and change as they discover, in a new way, what is meaningful and important to them. It is our privilege when you welcome us to be companions or comforter, guide or Priest on that journey.

If you would like us to be alongside, our Chaplains and Chaplaincy Volunteers are committed to respecting and supporting your own spirituality including your values, beliefs and religious practices, for example receiving Holy Communion.

We have a room called Reflections, at our Ipswich site which is a place set aside for quiet, prayer, reflection and remembering. You will find it a restful, peaceful place and it is always open. At the Hospice at All Hallows Hospital, there is a chapel.

Children and young people

The illness or death of a close family member can be a painful and even lonely experience for a child or young person. It can be hard to talk with parents or close relatives who are upset, and friends may be reluctant because they do not know what to say.

Parents can be supported when difficult information needs to be shared with children. Advice and resources are available to both parents and children to help families talk about what they are all facing. Individual work with children and young people can also be offered.

From time to time one day workshops are held for groups of bereaved children so they can meet others who have had similar experiences to talk, remember and also most importantly to have some fun.

Bereavement support

We offer bereavement support to anyone who was close to the person who has died - family members including children and grandchildren, carers or friends. Support will be available as long as you need it. We have a team of dedicated and experienced family support workers and bereavement volunteers who support people either individually or through the regular bereavement groups held at the Hospice. Support is also offered in people's own homes.

In Great Yarmouth and Waveney, St Elizabeth Hospice offers bereavement support at the Louise Hamilton Centre and this is also provided by the bereavement services at the James Paget University Hospital and by Cruse Bereavement Care.

Louise Hamilton Centre, Gorleston

At the Louise Hamilton Centre, we offer a holistic needs assessment for patients and families new to St Elizabeth Hospice services to help signpost them to the service/s which will be of most benefit.

We also offer:

  • Advice and support with advance care planning.
  • One to one counselling
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Fitness and Fun exercise group - a seated exercise programme followed by a fun activity, such as watching a TV programme, clay artistry or games.
  • The Larch Group schools project – a ground-breaking initiative in which local schoolchildren work and learn with patients to support their emotional and social education.
  • Bereavement support