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Beat the goalie
Find someone that you want to challenge and make them go in goal. Then charge people per shot and offer prizes for people who score three or five penalties in a row, depending on the quality of the goalkeeper.

Make it last for a few hours, so you raise lots of money! You could change the person in the goal so everyone has a chance to take on the challenge. Consider offering prizes for the best penalties, the best celebrations, the best outfit, and so on.

There are lots of ways to host a competition for your sport.

You can tailor it to your sport or activity, for example for tennis consider round-robin tennis matches with singles or doubles teams, or knockout competitions if you can get enough people, charging all participants for the entrance fee.

Put QR codes on the courts so that spectators can donate, and sell drinks and other refreshments, with all proceeds going to charity.

Hoopster challenge
Bounce in and throw the ball into the hoop during a given length of time.
Get sponsored for each one in the hoop.

Community, group, school rounders match
Suitable for everyone and great way to bring together friends, colleagues or competing businesses for an afternoon of batting, fielding and refreshments!

35 for 35 challenge
Set your own 35 challenge for our 35th year of hospice care! Get 35 people together to participate, do 35 repetitions, or undertake 35 minutes or hours!

Replay and remember some great sporting moments

An easy one and great one to get people together!
Team up with your local pub, clubhouse, or community centre and charge a small fee for people to watch a special sporting occasion. Then add loads of fundraising challenges on top. Consider, for example, competitions, pub games, and other similarly playful options that can raise funds.

Or, alternatively, ask friends to boycott the pay-per-view and donate the money to charity instead!

If you need any help or advice then please call us on 01473 723 600 or email

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