We are here to help local people living with life-limiting illnesses maximise the life they have left to them.

But when we do reach the end of a patient’s life, we are the specialists at helping people die with dignity. 

At St Elizabeth Hospice, we know how important it is that people can choose where they spend their final days.
You can help give them that choice.

Too many people die in hospital when they would much rather be at home, in a nursing home or in a hospice.
That choice could make such a difference, for them and their families.

We can provide vital support to families and hospitals. Specialist nurses can be
deployed where they’re needed – in the community.

But delivering this vision will cost £1m per year.

Every donation, large or small, will take us one step further towards our £1m goal. You can be assured that the money you give will go directly to this important new project and will benefit local Suffolk people.

We need your help.

Only with your help can we reach our goal (£1m for the first year and a further £1m for each of the next two years). This is on top of the £10.5m that we already have to generate each year.

Please help us change the picture by donating today.

48% of people die in hospital.
Only 1% of us want to.

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