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  • Sarah Godfrey

    Sarah Godfrey

    It was back in 1991 when Sarah Godfrey first realised she wanted to be part of the conversation about end of life care.
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  • Pat and Ian

    Pat and Ian

    My wife Pat may have been little in stature, but she had a big personality and attitude. When she fell ill, I promised I would look...
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  • Paul


    “I was nervous, really nervous, as I thought it was a place to die. But when I was shown into side room 5 I thought, ‘Blimey, I’ve...
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  • “Hospice care is about making every moment count”

    “Hospice care is about making every moment count”

    Archie Ryder is a real character. He is also a patient at St Elizabeth Hospice.
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  • Chelsea's story

    Chelsea's story

    Chelsea Scarlett, star of this year's event, is preparing for her second Midnight Walk in memory of her Grandad
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  • Zoe


    Zoe is my beautiful, fun-loving 27-year old daughter. She is critically unwell with cervical cancer. I have been told Zoe is going...
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  • Joanna


    Life can be challenging and limiting with Joanna's illness... If it wasn’t for Ray’s home visits, we wouldn’t get to see glimpses...
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  • Suzanne Fosdike - Retail Volunteer

    Suzanne Fosdike - Retail Volunteer

    “The best thing about volunteering for the hospice is knowing that I’m helping the hospice to raise vital funds"
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  • 15/04/2016

    "It's not about dying at all, it's about living"

    Patient, Linda Moore, explains why hospice care is so much more than people think...
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  • “I can’t wait for this year’s Midnight Walk”

    “I can’t wait for this year’s Midnight Walk”

    Hannah Graves is preparing for her third Midnight Walk with her friends in memory of her mum, Davina...
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