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Loss of school structure

You may find that your child or children have higher levels of worries or sadness during this period as they are isolated from their friendship groups and from the structure provided by daily school. If you are able, maintaining contact with friends and family via video calls can be beneficial, as is completing school work (if provided) as part of a daily routine.

It is also important to keep in regular contact with the school throughout this period, they may routinely be contacting you regarding academic work, but use this as an opportunity to discuss other ways to support your child(ren), such as their social and emotional needs.

You may find that your child or children feel unsettled by the loss of routine of school, which may be particularly true for year six pupils leading up to going to secondary school without opportunity to end primary school and adolescents who have not completed GCSEs and ‘A’ levels in the normal way before going onto college or into work. Talking to them about how they are feeling about the end of school can really help them make sense of the situation.

It can be really useful to create a weekly timetable for home life, balancing work, play and rest in the same way the school does. If children have experienced (recent or historical) bereavements, they may wish to integrate remembrance and emotional wellbeing activities into their timetable.

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