Stair Lift Rental

These are just a few of the companies that provide stair lift rentals. None are endorsed by St Elizabeth Hospice. More companies can be found in telephone directories and on the internet.

Park Stair lifts 01702 340410/07860925537
Rental up to a year. £500 for installation, maintenance and removal. Weekly charge applicable.

Essex stair lifts 01206 231568/550173
Provide a ‘rent before you buy scheme’ as well just a rental scheme. Installation costs £350 with a weekly rental of either £10 or £12 depending if the stair lift is new or previously used.

Ransome Mobility 01473 727263
Charged an upfront installation and removal fee and a monthly rent. Rental prices currently start at £10 per week and the minimum rental term offered is three months. Rental includes all repairs and servicing that is required during the rental period. Customers are given the option to purchase their stair lift at reduced rates after renting it for twelve months.

Anglia Stair lifts 0800 276 1565
Do not require to be signed into a long term contract.  Rental service includes a full 24 hour callout and maintenance service which is included in the monthly rental premium at no extra cost.

Easy step Stair lifts 0800 0936 911
Installation charge for a standard rental is £350; this covers the cost of fitting and removing the stair lift. Rental charge of £40 a month with no fixed term or contract.  Can only fit straight stair lifts.

Please note – All prices and contacts were correct at time of publishing (September 2013).

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