Recliner Chair Information

Recliner chairs come in a variety of sizes and shapes with both electric and manual options available. Manual recliners tend to have a lever at the side, which when pulled will raise the end of the chair into a foot rest. Electric recliners tend to have more options, such as raising the end of the chair into a foot rest, raising the chair to help you stand from it and reclining backwards into a sleeping position. These are usually operated by a button controlled handset.

Buying a Recliner Chair

If you are thinking about buying a recliner chair you will need to consider the height, width and depth of the seat. If the recliner is too big or too small, you may find this uncomfortable. Make sure you try a few before you buy. Some companies offer the opportunity to trial a recliner at home for a specified period of time before purchasing. You do not always have to go into a shop to purchase a recliner – some companies offer a home shopping service where a variety of models can be brought to your house. Charity furniture shops may have second hand recliner chairs which can to be cheaper than buying a new one.

St Elizabeth Hospice Furniture Shops:

  • Hamilton Rd, Felixstowe 01394 279558
  • Foxhall Rd, Ipswich 01473 213049
  • Meredith Rd, Ipswich 01473 744080
  • Bury Street, Stowmarket 01449 615808


Renting a Recliner Chair

Rental charges vary between companies with some also charging for delivery and a deposit. Rental periods also vary from short term rate (per day/per week) to long term rates (per month).

Wenman Healthcare: 01926 624432

Please note – No companies in this information sheet are endorsed by St Elizabeth Hospice. More companies can be found in telephone directories and on the internet. All prices and contacts were correct at time of publishing.

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