Pendant Alarm Information

A pendant alarm system can give you the freedom to live independently in your own home, safe in the knowledge that if there is an accident or you fall, then you can get help quickly. A necklace or wrist band alarm will be worn by the user.

Services provide a 24 hour support line to be able to respond when you push the alarm button. They will communicate with you through the base unit, which is fitted via the phone line.
Pendant alarms can offer reassurance to friends and family, knowing that if there is an emergency or assistance is needed, then you are helped quickly.

Most services charge an installation fee and a monthly ongoing fee (differs with each provider).

Below is a list of services in the Suffolk area that can assist you with the setting up of a pendant alarm system in your own home.

Suffolk Careline
This service can install the pendant alarm and base unit to provide a monitoring and response service. They will also fit a key safe to be used in conjunction with the pendant alarm for access in emergency settings.
Telephone: 0845 6007724

HEARS Alarm (Home Emergency Alarm Response Service)
Based in and around the Ipswich area. This service provides monitoring and response, depending on location.
Telephone: 01473 433236

Age UK (Suffolk)
A personal alarm service can be installed in your own home. You can book a free no-obligation demonstration.
Telephone: 0800 011 3846

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