Gill and Sarah’s stories

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Gill's story

"In my younger years sports and fitness were not for me, but over the last couple of years I have changed that. I lost a lot of weight and joined the gym, but running has always eluded me. I see people out for a run and think they look so cool I wish I could do that, so here is my chance to give it a go and what better motivation than doing it for the hospice.

It’s only since I started working at the hospice that I realised what an amazing place it is and how fabulous the staff are that work here, I consider it a privilege to be part of the hospice team who supports patients and families when they need it most.

Sarah's story

"I wanted to work at the hospice to be a part of something bigger than myself so came and joined the support services team.

When I joined, I saw the family and friends atmosphere and the homely environment that has been created here.  The smiling and helpful staff have become friends as well as colleagues.

I am fully supportive of the hospice and the great contribution to the community. I will often take the opportunity to promote the great work done here, especially when I come up against negative views. My own Grandad struggled to accept that a hospice was a good place; this was simply lack of understanding and in no way linked to any direct experience. I take great pride in sharing the positive experience that the hospice provides to patients and their families.

Having hit a few road bumps in life this year the staff wellbeing program has assisted me to get back on my feet, quite literally now. Trying to build on this I am encouraged to give the 1st 5k ago.

Like many I have a desk job, I admit to being a little over 40 and gotten well, podgy!

As exercise is ‘not my thing’ apart from gentle dog walks, doing this is a big step for me. I see this an achievable goal to get fitter and a great opportunity to raise some money in the process.

I will be making good use of the training plan and any advice that’s on offer.

I will never win any speed awards and I have a funny little run, like a bird with long legs and feet that hardly move but I would love some support and company along the way."

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