Gavin’s story

Gavin Bloomfield's father was cared for by the hospice at home. As well as the practical care provided in Albert's home, Gavin used our OneCall phone service which proved to be invaluable.

"The hospice supported our family in various ways. Their ability to provide care in the community made the biggest difference to our family.

The OneCall service was invaluable, by providing telephone support and guidance. It was an important resource for us during Dad’s illness, knowing that we had support and knowledge to call upon 24 hours a day.

The hospice supplied medical equipment and dietary supplements for Dad. The organisation also provided end of life care for Dad in his home.


Gavin with his father, Albert, and brother, Gary.

The professionalism of the caring staff, and the compassion and dedication that they demonstrated meant so much to us at the time, and we will always be grateful for the support that the hospice offered.

What I appreciated most about the hospice was the dedication displayed by the staff and volunteers and the respect and care they provided to enable Dad to remain in his home, a loving home, which holds many special many memories for all of us.

A hospice staff member attended when Dad died at home. I will never forget the dignity and respect she displayed, and how she helped Mum put Dad’s wedding ring back on his finger.

The hospice has touched our lives immeasurably. I have visited the hospice since through my fundraising activities and attending the Sunflower Memories event last year, which was an emotional but special way to remember Dad."

Gavin has continued to support the hospice in memory of his father through fundraising events and donating to St Elizabeth Hospice shops.

St Elizabeth 24c

From left to right: Gavin with Liz Baldwin, from corporate fundraising, presenting a cheque and Gavin donating items with Holywells Shop Manager, Sophie Moles

OneCall - our 24 hour advice line for patients, families and healthcare professionals

OneCall is our 24 hour advice line for patients, families and healthcare professionals. Expert advice is available at the end of the phone, even in the middle of the night, from senior registered nurses, seven days a week.

In response to COVID-19, in April 2020 we enhanced the OneCall provision with the creation of the Palliative and End of Life Care Hub.

Commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Group and working with health care partners, The Hub saw us expand OneCall and work in partnership with other providers.

  • 20,000 calls per year answered by OneCall from families, patients and healthcare professionals
  • Currently have 2,500 calls a month
  • During the height of the pandemic between April and May 2020, there was a 38% increase in calls for advice and support
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