School's Accumulator Challenge

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Schools Accumulator Challenge

21st March 2019, 08:00 AM - 21st December 2019, 08:00 AM |

What could your school turn £30 in to?

To tie in with our 30th anniversary we’ve launched the School’s Accumulator Challenge. Quite simply, we will provide you with £30 and your students can decide how they will use that £30 to raise more money for the hospice.

The challenge is completely flexible – pitch it at any level you wish and have as many teams or year groups competing as you like. Your whole school can take part or you can pitch year groups, classes or houses against each other. You can also choose when your school takes part e.g. over a half term or full term, as long as it is between March 21st (when the challenge officially launches) and December 21st 2019.

All we ask is that we get at least our original £30s back at the end – and that you all have fun taking part in the School’s Accumulator Challenge!

There will be prizes for:
• The most money accumulated
• The most innovative accumulator idea

Your pupils can unleash their inner Alan Sugar or Deborah Meaden whilst building their accumulator empire. They will develop budgeting, procurement and sales skills whilst building confidence and understanding of money and mathematical skills. Encourage creativity, inspire team work and develop citizenship skills.

The only question you need to ask yourself is how much money can your school accumulate?

To sign up, please complete the below form, or you can download our leaflet here to circulate to your school whilst you decide when you want to take part.

For more information please contact the fundraising team by emailing or calling 01473 723600.

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