Donate In Memory

Donations in memory of loved ones play a key role in supporting our work.

Whilst flowers will fade with time, donations made in memory of loved ones will continue to benefit the lives of our patients and their families not only now, but in the future.

Many supporters request donations in lieu of flowers at funerals and memorial services and we are very grateful to those who choose to support us in this way.

To make collecting money at funerals and memorial services as easy as possible, we can provide you or your funeral director with our Remembering Someone Special donation envelopes.

The envelopes make it simple for friends and family to donate and to Gift Aid their donation, making it worth 25% more at no extra cost to them. Some people choose to insert the envelopes with the order of service.

Our Remembering Someone Special envelopes are available free from our fundraising team. To request the envelopes, please call 01473 723600 or email

Other ways to donate In Memory

When planning a funeral or memorial service you may wish to set up a St Elizabeth Tribute Fund. A St Elizabeth Tribute Fund can be set up online in a few simple steps, in the name of the person who has died. Once the fund is set up you can share it with friends and family, send updates on the funeral, share photos, videos and memories.

Any donation no matter how big or small can be placed in a Tribute Fund and will be held permanently in lasting memory of your loved one. Click here to find out more about St Elizabeth Tribute Funds.

You could dedicate a leaf or decorative rock on our Memory Tree to a loved one. The name of the person you are remembering will be engraved on a solid brass, aluminium or copper leaf or bronze rock and displayed on our Memory Tree.

Why not take part in one of our events, such as our Midnight Walk, in memory of a loved one, or take on a challenge to raise money for the Hospice in their name. Click here to see all our events and challenges on offer.