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Meet Rob Dunger & discover Felixstowe Radio

Listen to Rob's interview with Rachel Sloane on his role in the community:
Rob Dunger
About Rob

Rob Dunger is a presenter on Felixstowe Radio, he worked for BBC Radio Suffolk, and previously was a florist in Ipswich.  In his spare time, he likes to visit historic houses and travel. Last year he got married to his Dutch husband, who lives in Holland, but usually they can travel regularly to visit each other. Rob’s 102-year-old mother, Winnie, died in January.

Getting involved with Compassionate Communities

“When I first started at Felixstowe Radio I said we should have a charity of the month. A hospice is great for the radio as it is like a big onion, the more you go into it the more layers there are. There are ordinary people with extraordinary stories and ask anyone and they will know someone affected by the hospice. We said we’d do it for a month and at the moment it is eight weeks and we still have hospice stories coming through!

They look after people both in the hospice and in their own home, and people may be their husband or wife’s carer. They need support as it can be very lonely. The hospice supports carers in the final stages, and they continue even after that.

Winnie wasn’t ill… the death certificate says she died of old age, which was glorious! We used to take her everywhere, sit her down, take a picture for Facebook and ask ‘where’s Winnie?’ We didn’t think much of it but when she died we had over 700 messages from all over, from Sweden, Norway, Hungary, she was like royalty! She was very proud to tell her grandchildren how many hits she’d had each day. She was an internet sensation!”


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