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Compassionate Ipswich

Compassionate Ipswich is a network of compassionate friends - including residents, organisations, businesses and schools - who are committed to improving end of life care and bereavement support for the whole community in collaboration together.

See the people involved in Compassionate Ipswich - you can talk about your end of life experiences or seek bereavement support through these networks.

There may also be a friendly community based activity you can participate in:

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Can you contribute to Compassionate Ipswich? You can join our network to help the local community support each other by...

  • Becoming an accredited Compassionate School or Business
  • Becoming a Compassionate Ipswich Friend - where you will be a part of network meetings and create opportunities to work together
  • Attending a free Compassionate Conversations Awareness Workshop - helping you to understand how to talk about death, dying and loss with others
  • Pledging support to a Compassionate Communities approach

If this sounds like something you'd like to get involved with, please email Greg Cooper on or phone Greg on 01473 932492 for more information.

Portraits of a Compassionate Community

Discover how these local residents are helping the community with Compassionate Ipswich

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