Tracy’s story

Hi I’m Tracy and my role is front of house coordinator. I work with a fantastic team of volunteer receptionists and together we welcome everyone that comes to the hospice.

Like most people, Christmas to me is being with family and a time to be together, which can make it an extra difficult time for patients and their families.

The hospice at Christmas is a magical place, there is nothing like it; with so much love and happiness in a setting that is safe for families to be together.

I remember my first Christmas working at the hospice. I was the day care secretary then and I was trying my best to be “Mrs Efficient”, with my clipboard sorting out transport for patients. One day in the lead up to Christmas, I was merrily working away in my office when one of the team said “Quick Tracy we need you in the Day Care Lounge to do the Hokey Cokey”, I remember thinking at the time “I love my job!”.

We know this could be the last Christmas for some of our patients, so we try to make it as memorable as possible. I believe, as a team, we do this.

I was asked to provide three words that I would use to describe the hospice and they are – “Special, Togetherness and Dedication”.

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