Hospice enjoys a mini Suffolk show

Patients at the hospice have enjoyed some of the sights, sounds, and smells of the Suffolk show in miniature in a two week long celebration. 

As well as a dog show, patients met two orphaned baby lambs, there was a cake competition, a craft sale, flower arranging, singing from local choir Pop Chorus, and an afternoon of farmyard fun with visiting animals, including a goat, pig, chicks, quails and a puppy.  All of the activities and materials were provided by volunteers who have some connection with the hospice. 

Day services sister, Kate Barber said: “we want the people we help to feel part of the community and have the same opportunities as everyone else.  Why should you not be able to enjoy some of the lovely things that we have on offer in Suffolk just because you are ill?  Many of our patients simply can’t get out and about that easily.

The activities we put on have real benefits to patients, singing helps with breathlessness and petting the animals is great for helping with the stress and anxiety people can feel when they are ill.”

The mini Suffolk show started with a dog show, where nine entrants competed to win waggiest tail, dog which looks most like their owner, obedience and best in show awards.  Staff and patients were entertained as entrants were paraded with some performing their obedience tricks, while others simply lapped up the attention. Patients of the day service were given the difficult task of judging the winners.  Best in show was won by Paddy, a guide dog and gentle retriever who won the hearts of all the judges.

Being ill should not be a barrier to enjoying everyday events.  Activities like our mini Suffolk show enable patients to join in, and help them live life to the full.   

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