5 Questions with Jules Kennedy - Domestic Team Manager

What is your role at the hospice and how long have you worked there?

I am the domestic team manager and I have been at the hospice nearly four year. My role involves ordering uniform, laundry, chemical stock for the hospice and retail shops. Making sure the waste is collected. Organising my domestic team to carry out full cleaning of the whole hospice. Ensuring all leave and sickness is covered. I also carry out the DSE for the hospice, ensuring that office based staff all have the correct equipment and knowledge they need to carry out their roles in a safe way. I also train staff to go to the hospital to collect blood for transfusions. I prepare rooms for short breaks and some meetings. Sometimes I do hospital runs if needed.

Can you give us an overview of what your day looks like?

Each day varies as my role can be quite reactive. I generally start by accompanying one of my team to the Inpatient Unit to see what needs doing there that day and seeing if they need any help. Depending on the day, I will place orders for various things. I check that any new leave is covered, put away any deliveries and sort through emails.

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

Because my role is varied, and mobile I get to see all different hospice members and volunteers.

Have you got a favourite memory from working at the hospice?

The staff participating in Strictly come dancing!

What makes your job unique?


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