1,000 miles under the (slightly smaller) belt

On my  morning ride last Sunday I passed  a significant milestone in my training with over 1000 miles cycled since I signed up to do the ride last September. It’s taken me 63 trips to do it – my shortest ride around two miles and my longest to date just over 60 – but done it I have and I have to say feel a lot fitter for having done so.

Although the reasons for my ride have recently become far more personal when I initially signed up getting fit was my goal and losing a ‘few’ pounds in the name of a good cause was my desired outcome.  So, noticing that my  belt buckle was able to access holes that hadn’t been used in  a good while, and knowing my weight loss was approaching a stone, I became ‘cocky’ the other day and decided to get out the measuring tape.

‘Pre measure’ I had visions of imminently needing to plan a quick trip to the shops to purchase some new ‘slacks’ to fit my new slimmer line shape . Once again to be able to browse in the 36″ selection was – I thought – within my reach. I had thought wrong!

The first measure was followed by a second – I demanded a recount! The result was however conclusive. My waist was one inch larger than my old trouser size.  Far from getting into a pair of 36s it seems I will soon be able to fit the 38″ trousers I currently own.

My wife was supportive. Words of “comfortable fit” and explanation of “how fabric can give” to explain how I’ve been pouring myself into under sized clothes in recent times but all I could think was how out of shape had I actually been???

So it seems I’m not yet going to need a shopping spree but with around 170 days to go to the challenge, 1000 more training miles planned and at least another stone in weight to shed perhaps I should make it my aim to pick up a pair  of trousers size ‘trente-six’ in Paris in September.

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